PVTL deep dive posts

PVTL is my largest holding, so I figured it would be good to put together a deep dive based on my review of the most recent Q1 financial performance. My main source will be the 10Q, but I will also leverage the earnings release, the earnings transcript, the earnings slides and their investor relations page (https://investors.pivotal.io/home/default.aspx). I’ll see how it comes together but am thinking of breaking it into 3 posts: 1 covering the business, 1 covering the financials and 1 to see how PVTL compares against the investment criteria I look at which I captured here: http://discussion.fool.com/sales-growth-33108276.aspx

I hope to post it all by end of day Monday if not earlier. To be continued…


Would be great! Just started a 10% position :blush:

Looking forward to it, Wouter. Here are 3 Pivotal-related threads from here and the NPI board that I had bookmarked.


long PVTL Sept 2018 $22.50 calls and Aug $30 calls (might be misremembering specifics of that 2nd strike/expiry)