Got my initial purchase of Pivotal at near the IPO price. I think this something worth looking at. Everyone doing cloud deployments are using their tools - they own the cloud tools market.

No action yet on this thread, so I will post this link to an article from Gary Alexander (recently suggested to follow similarly to Bert by someone on the NPI board).

Pivotal Software: Skids In IPO, Decent Potential Upside https://seekingalpha.com/article/4164628?source=ansh $PVTL

Yes, in the article, the author suggests it seems that investors are skittish regarding the company’s relationship with Dell

For valuation: Assuming 15% revenue growth for the coming year, Pivotal currently trades at 5.84x EV/FY18 revenues… At first glance, Pivotal’s valuation looks rather cheap, especially when considering that fellow PaaS company MuleSoft just got bought out at ~16x forward revenues.

For what its worth, I think 15% growth is very conservative as it has been growing over 20% - and out in the industry Pivotal adoption is accelerating and PCF has become a must have cloud tool set for many enterprise areas including the financial industry.