Questcor Pharmaceuticals


I know you were interested in QCOR during Q4, and then exited given perceived risk.

I thought you might be interested in today’s SA Article that I posted on the QCOR board:…

I am still maintain a (full) normal position. I believe the upside far outwights the risk, (and BTW the Q1 ex dividend date is Jan 15 - this week).


Vic, I’m sorry, but I just am uncomfortable with Questcor, for reasons I discussed when I got out. For example, they are approved for 19 indications because they were grandfathered in from the 1950’s when they didn’t have to submit double blind studies, etc., then they took their one product that they acquired and raised the price hundreds of times, and they gave money to a “charity” that pays the deductibles for their patients so they can get insurance, and they are being investigated by several states attorney generals. Nothing outright illegal proved yet, but it all has the feeling of a scam.

I may be wrong and stock may do stupendously well (although it is down 20% since I got out two months ago), but it’s just not my thing.

good luck with it if you stay in.



I sold a majority portion of my QCOR after the new investigations.