Question re TWLO trading hours

I own shares of TWLO and have never had an issue buying or selling shares of this stock. However, I tried to buy more shares today (through my Charles Schwab account) and got a message that the trading day for TWLO had ended. It was only 10am or so Pacific Time, meaning the stock markets were still open and would remain open for another 3 hours or so.

Is anyone aware of different trading hours for TWLO??


The market closed early today, at 1 pm eastern due to tomorrow being the 4th of July.


Thank you Volfan! I suppose I should have known that.

The market closed early today (1pm Eastern) for the July 4th Holiday

Stock exchanges, one of the few still practicing bankers hours.
The same thing happened to me with PVTL

Trying to keep in mind Saul’s intention to keep the board focused on growth investing, shouldn’t this question be asked on the TWLO board? Or on ask the SA Team board if you’re a member?


This is a good place to ask:…