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Berkshire’s Directors Have Skin in the Game



Good Rationalwalk article as always. He states:

“To say that this board has skin in the game is clearly an understatement. Nine of the fifteen directors have over $10 million of Berkshire stock, all of which they used their own cash to purchase. An eight figure investment is clearly enough to provide a powerful incentive to pay close attention”.

I don’t believe Howard or Susan “used their own cash to purchase”. That money was gifted over the years by their Dad.

Howard is at $5.7m and Susan is at $12.4m

? I don’t understand those numbers.

It’s stated in the proxy totals,

Susan has 81 A shares and 3,092,162 Class B shares.
Howard has 10 A shares and 2450 B shares

which might explain Susan being put on the board!

Am i right?

I didn’t read the footnote. Those 3,092,162 shares are beneficial to her foundation and not her, personally, but she has the voting rights.
Still, she commands a lot of voting power.