re-upped for hospice

As his nurse can document declining health, the hubster was re-upped for hospice for another 3 months.

He had a good day, except for a large messy poo. Which luckily happened on Jordan’s shift :wink: Right afterwards he had more poo in his fresh Depends–and whipped it out and peed on the floor. Luckily I was busy rinsing the poo off the pad on on his recliner cushion (he still managed to get poo on one arm of the chair–and his clothes).

By a good day I mean he slept well (except for the snoring that kept me up till 3am), was cooperative with Krystal giving him a shower, ate well, didn’t get down on the floor, played with his toys, and gave everyone a nice smile today (2 aides, hospice nurse, and moi). He also seemed particularly alert.

A couple of evenings ago he was gibbering in bed with his hand on his head. I asked if he had a headache, and he said Yes(!). He hadn’t spoken an understandable word in a few months. As he was given sleeping med, anti-psychotic, and anti-anxiety meds at bedtime, I didn’t dare give him even a Tylenol, just kissed and patted him. He went to sleep quickly.