Really small EV--Made in Bolivia, maybe to be made in Mexico?

Not me, because I believe in the laws of physics. When I see one of those “SmartCars” driving around I think “every single vehicle you pass is 2x maybe 3x larger and heavier.” And I don’t consciously think, but know, everyone will be involved in an accident or two at some time in their life.a

I do not want to be in one of those tiny cars when some boz* in an F-150 decides to cross the double yellow line. Sure, my ‘97 Infiniti will still be totaled but I think I have a chance of coming out alive. In a tiny car? Probably not.

It’s a percentage game, to be sure, but I would rather outweigh half the other vehicles on the road than none of them.

[*Note: I am not allowed to post the name of the clown with the big nose and the big shoes for some reason. Thanks Fool, for keeping me safe.]


Would you really be abandoning your strategy? I don’t think so. You might not find an older seller, but the point there was to avoid modifications and hard use. A Leaf is, by its very nature, unlikely to be driven hard. And, as every Tesla fanboy is quick to point out, EVs don’t need much maintenance.

Sounds to me like it’s just a tweak to your strategy to keep it updated to current times.

I’ve got to admit that this conversation has me looking into older Leafs (Leaves? What is the correct plural here?) a bit. If I can hang a wheelchair carrier on the back of a Leaf, it would meet my needs for a second car.


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Good point about physics.
In my case, I could modify my driving by staying on the road that parallels HWY 70 that is one way & has a speed limit of 35 mph.
You got the rec though for pointing out the Fool nanny state restriction.

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There was a guy (presumably that works for MF) on here that can fix that, but I forgot his name…

You mean the clown named BOZ0?