Recent BCC Signals

Here are the recent Bear Catcher Combined signals as taken from GTR1 using GTR1 Helper 4.5. The complete set of signals may be found by running GTR1 with the BCC url:!!QlpoMTFBWSZTWVb2ik4AAiLfgBAAIgd!2F8D…
Launch the url, take the option for Detailed Report and check the box for Signal Values. Finally, click “Run Backtest” and then download the report.


  Date    Signal   SMA    NH/NL  DBE
20220805    2      Bear   Bull   Bear
20220525    0      Bear   Bear   Bear
20220428    4      Bear   Bear   Bull
20220331    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20220324    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20211118    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20211013    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20211004    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20210825    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20210817    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20210721    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20210716    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20201103    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20201030    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20200930    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200923    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20200720    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200710    3      Bull   Bull   Bear
20200528    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200417    6      Bear   Bull   Bull
20200316    4      Bear   Bear   Bull
20200225    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20200204    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20200131    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20191125    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20191120    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20191119    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20191118    5      Bull   Bear   Bull
20191021    7      Bull   Bull   Bull
20190925    5      Bull   Bear   Bull


NAHL is still bearish by my chart.$NAHL&p=D&yr=0&…



I follow the 9 day EMA of $NAHL at, Elan apparently uses the 13 day EMA.
As of tonight the 9 day moved above zero or bullish, while the 13 day version is still just bearish.

This last week has been the longest span I’ve noticed where GTR1 and stockcharts differed.
Besides possible differences in data sources, I think GTR1 uses a weighted average calculation while
stockcharts uses the exponential moving average. While they are generally close,not so this time. The MACD graphs show the EMAs.


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As I noted, and NH-NL signals have differed in the past by a day or two, until now, when it was several days, from August 8 to 11.

Today they again differ, one negative, one positive, so I wondered if the NH-NL value needed for this signal difference could be estimated from this small data set. Changing the test from EMA (9) > 0
to EXP(9)> -20 is bullish, seems to line the results of the two methods fairly closely. I found a few earlier one or two day differences in mid 2021 which also lined up.

Not the most accurate of calculations, but it does give an idea of the size of NH-NL that can cause a change in the two signals.

Changing -20 to -21 might be slightly better.

This clearly won’t change anyone’s use of these signals, just my curiosity about when we can expect such signal differences.