Rehab Solutions in Virtual Reality

Wife received this in her email this morning from one of two of her brothers who along with a third person (investor) who together started the VR company some years back. Generally it started as an entertainment company that would do teen birthday parties and had their own arcade in a local business park.


February 7, 2022 Innovation

IWK physical rehabilitation seeks solutions in virtual reality

Posted by Ben Maycock

When IWK Health’s Dr. Jordan Sheriko was looking for a safe and engaging way to teach youth to navigate the world in a power wheelchair, he soon realized that he would have to look beyond healthcare to find an innovative solution. The pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist reached out to a Halifax, NS virtual reality (VR) company, Mars VR Lab, to see if they could help.

“Complex problems require an interdisciplinary group to identify and create solutions together,” says Sheriko. “And technology solutions require skill sets not often available in academic or healthcare organizations.”

The IWK Rehab and the Mars VR teams set to work on creating a virtual reality program that could teach kids aged four to 18 how to use a power wheelchair. The idea is that the game aspect of VR would help engage youth while helping the wheelchair user gain the necessary wheelchair driving skills, all in a safe environment…

“We know the VR space and how to build fun and engaging games’” says Daniel Baldwin, CEO and co-founder of Mars VR Lab. “We also have the expertise to build large-scale enterprise software that provides insights and analytics that clinicians and therapists have never been able to see before. We give them actionable data, specific to each patient.”