replacements for NTNX

Okta (76.3)

AYX (68)

TWLO (113)

TTD (185)

MDB (97)

Anybody buying on this dip?



I never add $ but am happily holding
Been through the storm here so many times

I added ZS, TWLO and AYX. Also took a small starter position in PS.

Sold NTNX this morning and bought OKTA ($79.35) with the proceeds (2% starter position). I probably was a bit too excited to get in “fast” with the initial 8% drop after opening (currently about 11% lower), but definitely not unhappy.


YES…I’m adding to OKTA, TTD, ZS and AYX, while selling all remaining
positions in MDB and NTNX.


– This…is the MaineReason

I picked up some more ZS, AYX, GH and a starter position in ETSY

I finally got off the wall and moved money from my warm and fuzzy total stock market index (VTI) into these

Bought OKtA at 76 with a limit order as I see support at 75.

Added to FB.

Sold out of MDB at 104 last week.

Haven’t sold a share of NTNX, but considering I just bought Friday at 33.19, why would I sell. :wink:

I think we are starting a pull back that may last a few weeks.

Market came out blazing YTD in most high growth names and the market can’t just go straight up.

I’m slightly worried that the cloud names have been “discovered” and most of the gains this year might be newer investors playing catch up and chasing performance.

Any support levels I see tested in names that I like I will buy.

Be patient.