A blizzard of results overnight. Here are some links for people to catch up with. Will comment more but gota rush for a flight now. Hopefully there’s something for everyone. Please don’t yell about Chinese companies - I appreciate some won’t go there but some might.

FWIW on AMBA - I probably will hold through the earnings release. I think expectations are so low for them that they may survive intact. Too difficult to second guess (unlike PANW - see below). FYI - I hold all below.

Beat and beat and facing a sale auction…
I still like and still hold - growing 18% and in an indispensable space.………

Five Below
Beat and Beat and raise but guides below expectations by a miniscule amount and getting hit after hours…
Sales up 21% Earnings up 38%
Guidance from Five Below: FY16 revenue $1B-$1.009B vs. $1.01B consensus, EPS of $1.28-$1.32 vs. $1.31 consensus.…
Could be a great buying opportunity!

Palo Alto Networks
Better than expected results all round but was never going to satisfy. Still growing at 40%! The pick of the cyber security space.
I sold 50% before earnings and bought back in after the release given the strength in the results (better than I imagined) and the my belief in their no win situation with analysts.
Coverage piece by Saul’s favourite writer… Bert Hochfeld (who is long)………

Beat and in line…
Everything looking pretty good on the Qunar absorption. The safest and most dominant China play in my book.…

Ok I like this one and I would never have mentioned it in the old days but since Saul has discovered a new found freedom of investing in hyper growth companies that still loss making but teetering towards the edge of becoming profitable, I would commend this one to the board on the same basis. One for all the cloud fans to chew on.
30% revenue growth and losses reduced……



Looks like Box and Infoblox came out the other side as clear winners. Palo Alto as the come back king of the week and Sales Force, Five Below and Ambarella as the losers. I think CRM & Five’s weakness will pass and if AMBA get their brown stuff together for the rest of the year they could also continue their bounce back (which I am looking to sell out of along with GRUB and Skyworks). Grub and Skyworks are testing their YTD and 52 week highs so will watch and see how far they get before I pull the positions.

PANW and Box I am most comfortable with as I would be in CRM if I was holding. I recommend Bert’s coverage of PANW if you haven’t already read it.