Retention and Expansion

Last week there was an interesting article by the Motley Fool titled: Retention and Expansion: Understanding the Hot New Metric…

In it they mention two companies that “get it right”… “It’s nice to see clean, well-explained retention figures like those from cloud-based life-sciences specialist Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) or fast-growing data-analytics platform Alteryx (NYSE: AYX). The two companies do measure retention differently — Veeva uses an annual revenue figure, while Alteryx uses a quarterly figure. So although they aren’t strictly comparable, they use standard measures that are clearly explained. And both, incidentally, are excellent: Veeva is at 121% for its fiscal 2018, which ended in January, and Alteryx is at 131% for the second quarter of its fiscal 2019.

This left me wondering if there’s been any discussion here of Veeva Systems; if so, please post a link - Thanks!

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