Return to Kyiv

Last Tuesday, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced that nearly two-thirds of the city’s 3.5 million residents were back in the capital, though some recently returned locals question that assessment.

“My first thought was ‘It’s a ghost town,’” said copywriter Dmytro Demchenko, who arrived in the capital last Wednesday from western Ukraine, where he’d been living with friends after a sleepless and terrifying night spent in a bomb shelter on Feb. 24 prompted him to leave Kyiv.

“Now it’s like I’m living my ordinary life again, but there’s tension here.

Yes, it’s safe in terms of right now we’re not facing the risk of occupation and siege, but there is always a risk of airstrikes in a single second.

You hear an air alert — and they will maybe strike and maybe not. You never know.”…