Revenue Growth Monster TNDM

Why settle for slower Saas growth when you can get a revenue monster like Tandem Diabetes in your Portfolio.

-Last 4 quarters numbers have really accelerated 44% 60% 71% 89%.

-The product has really polished it’s software and has been called the Apple of insulin pumps.

-Here’s a video that exemplifies how polished the software has made the new product a hit with the consumer who is choosing the T-Slim x2 design over the competition.

Recently on Cnbc


“has been called the Apple of insulin pumps.”

Hopefully with less battery replacement issues though…


No direct position in Apple or Tandem Diabetes.

Stock price has done incredible the last year…from $3 to $70, wow!

Haven’t looked into it other than a quick look at a longer 5 year stock chart which showed it at $300 in Jan of 2014. Do you know what caused the drop from $300 to $3? And the subsequent reversal the last year? Was it a new product?

I’m currently at work and no time to look into that right now, but the company does sound interesting and worth further study.

Tndm story is explained below.

Definitely some missteps which if you look at the cnbc interview you will see but they have the momentum now!!

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Thanks, Gclever.

Sorry I didn’t check out the links you provided before asking questions, like I said, am at work so haven’t had time to watch them, will do so when I get a free minute.