RH Restoration Holdings

They made a significant addition (19%) to holdings of RH. The upscale furniture retailer has been battered this year on inflation/supply chain issues, down almost 50%.

After the initial purchases in 2019, they started nibbling in Q42020 at prices as high as $679.

They bought 2 million shares (19% addition) in 2022Q1 at $326.

Price now is $300 after a 7% jump today. So if you want to coattail you still have the chance. Most likely a T&T pick not Buffett’s, as position now is $700 million.



If you listened to the Ted Weschler Podcast (i am home, Amy Myers, April 27) mentioned upthread you might guess that it was Ted that bought RH and FND as he discussed that he reads a lot of furniture manufacturing trade journals. Seems to be in his wheelhouse.