Rising Stars Portfolio

Is anybody here a member of Rising Stars Portfolio? Just looking for some subscriber feedback to see if you think it’s worth the cost.
30% returns for the first year doesn’t sound extremely impressive, but I guess the micro cap growth stocks need more than a year to bloom.

You’re joking, right? If not, you are in for a life of disappointment.

“30% returns for the first year doesn’t sound extremely impressive”


I subscribed for just under a month and then asked for my refund. The disappointment was that the lifetime membership only includes the initial round of recommendations, not any new Recs as time goes on. They gave out 40 initial recs. They recommend 4 quarterly buys. Each quarter they update and advise on a new allocation for purchases amongst those stocks. The forth and final quarter is this month. After that it’s just discussion of those stocks. No new recs in the future.

So you’re paying $4000 for a list of 40 stocks and no new recs moving forward. Not worth it for me.



Funny you should ask advice on this particular discussion board. Believe it or not, there is a place
with intelligent investing discussion where, should one be observant enough to learn and employ
“suggestions” and “ideas”, one could very likely double those returns. Discussion is continuous, as are
new recommendations. Updates are daily and the cost is very reasonable. The only 3 rules are “Be
friendly”, “Stay on Topic” and “Don’t waste our time with chitchat and questions you’re too lazy to look
up yourself.”

I’ll tell you where this slice of nirvana is and give you a key to the “Members Only” door for $2499,
which you will surely agree, is hell of a bargain.

But wait! Order before midnight and I’ll knock off $500!

Change your life for only $1,999!

I accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and class A shares of ABMD, ANET, AYX, AZPN, MA, MDB, NTNX,


What? No free set of Ginzu Steak Knives?

Thanks a lot Prodigalfool for sharing your experience. Exactly what I was looking for!
As implied on another reply, there is probably more valuable info right here on this board than one might get from rising stars.