Roadblocks-US Largest Lithium Mine Project…

Owned by Canadian mining company Lithium Americas, Thacker Pass is forecast, when up and running, to produce between 60,000 and 80,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium carbonate each year, using the conventional shovel-and-truck mining method.
But it will be some time before it gets there: despite the blessings of both the federal and state governments, the project faces numerous roadblocks – local resistance, nascent technology, even scepticism about a Chinese connection.

Some Native American tribes, environmental watchdogs and a local rancher have dragged the BLM to court for “rushing through” the approvals, which they claim were granted without proper assessment of the new mine’s impact on sacred cultural resources, endangered species and the environment.

John Hadder, executive director of the Great Basin Resource Watch, a Reno-based non-profit

“We are not going to fix climate change if we don’t do it right,” Hadder said. “Why should we become sacrifice zones for the rich people to be able to drive cars guilt-free?”