Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Is the library of SOFTWARE algorithms (apps) that will accelerate the use of robots to perform actions.

The APP you “click” to open and initiate a phone call is an algorithm. If YOU want to build your own phone system, you can use an already written and tested “app/algorithm” for that piece of your product.
Once an app/algorithm is written, it can be used over and over, and shared.
We all use RPA algorithms, everyday.

So how is RPA METAR?
Physical Robots are becoming more mainstream (roomba, robot lawnmowers, etc).

As I watched this video, I was wondering when will such doorbell security systems include drones that will automatically “patrol a property” and automatically deploy to further investigate an “alert”, and respond to an alert?
The victim had to review the footage, to see what had happened.
What would it take to “automate” a drone response that would be preemptive?
Is a drone or other robot capable and available?

RPA’s make that process easier?

At 3:50 to 4:10, this video says Boston Dynamics has a library of algorithms for the robot movements and responses to environmental conditions.
Why Boston Dynamics is Building a Super Robot Army

Unity Software (U) and Roblox (RBLX) have libraries of “apps” that “build” scenes within games and VR (metaverse) environments.

UiPath (PATH)
And BluePrism (private?)
Make Robotic Process Automation software. In every day language, they have a library of apps/algorithms that a user uses.

U, PATH, Blue Prism, and other companies build RPA algo libraries and then “sell” them as a product to users. The user does NOT need to be a programmer/coder when creating a game scene. S/he merely has to drag and drop an algo/app.

Matterport (MTTR)
Uses specialized 3D cameras to Digitize real world locations. That digitized scene (algorithm) is then available for use in VR environments to create a virtual twin of the real world location.
Matterport has a library of algorithms for physical real world locations. If your security system includes a virtual/digital twin of your home, then it can enhance the reliability and effectiveness of the system?

Tesla (TSLA) is developing FSD (Full Self Driving) autonomous driving, based on billions of real world driving situations which are converted to algorithms that control the robot (Tesla vehicle) in the fluid “driving” environment. Tesla has libraries of algorithms. Most other car makers are also developing their own libraries.
It’s been suggested that Tesla might license its RPA libraries to users.

These algorithms are constantly being updated and improved. In Tesla’s case, the updates are disseminated via frequent OTA software updates.

Tesla vehicles use their sensors and cameras to automatically record whatever is happening near the vehicle.
Wham BAM Teslacam is a youtube channel that publishes situations caught by Tesla’s cameras.
In this video, the victim again had to review the camera footage.
When will vehicles with such sensor systems include preemptive response technology?

When will your roomba and your lawnmower become part of your home security system?
How will RPAs support the development of such systems?

A lot of algorithms to automatically alert EMS already exist:
OnStar crash detection and automatic EMS alert.
Fall detection for senior citizens.

ralph read lots of sci-fi that is no longer fiction.
This is NOT investing advice, nor is it a recommendation for or against any company mentioned. The companies mentioned are examples of the use of the RPA tech.


Is the library of SOFTWARE algorithms (apps) that will accelerate the use of robots to perform actions.

I decided the “there’s an app for that” meme has gone too far when I learned of an iPad app called ProCreate…

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For about 15 years, commercial camera surveillance systems have had “smart” capabilities which could track packages left behind at airports, cars parked too long in assigned areas and so forth. The additional step to send a drone for further investigation seems logical and, in a military context, having that drone take autonomous action if clearly desirable seems plausible.