Roku and other 'smart TVs' privacy issue…

’ The smart TVs in our homes are leaking sensitive user data to companies including Netflix, Google and Facebook even when some devices are idle, according to two large-scale analyses.

Researchers from Northeastern University and Imperial College London found that a number of smart TVs, including those made by Samsung and LG, and the streaming dongles Roku and Amazon’s FireTV were sending out data such as location and IP address to Netflix and third-party advertisers.

The data were being sent whether or not the user had a Netflix account. The researchers also found that other smart devices including speakers and cameras were sending user data to dozens of third parties including Spotify and Microsoft…

In a separate study of smart TVs by Princeton University, researchers found that some apps supported by Roku and FireTV were sending data such as specific user identifiers to third parties including Google.’

This all seems bad for privacy.


This all seems bad for privacy.

Possibly good for The Trade Desk (TTD) for the long term, if their claims about their desires to be a bright shining light in favor of keeping advertising data anonymized is fully legit.

long TTD, no ROKU or AMZN position, presently short NFLX