ROKU Peloton

ROKU (and Peloton) are getting a boost today because ROKU will have a Peloton channel. The ROKU boost seems (to me) out of proportion for this announcement. I see why this is a bigger deal for PTON getting their own channel.…

Anyway, ROKU shareholders are probably smiling today.


Anyway, ROKU shareholders are probably smiling today.

Given Roku’s lagging YTD, it’s more of a light smirk. :smirk:


Fair enough. In fact, the past year has been pretty stagnant. Though they’ve come off their low in March by 100% (a double). But only 25% compared to this time last year.

it s jumping but it will sag back just like a few weeks ago when someones said it might be bought…

sell and wait for the next ‘good news’ and sell the news. This one is not worthwhile.


I think this is bullish for PTON. It gives them access to a very large audience. But it’s a drop in the bucket for ROKU. There is more form the Fool here:…

This ~same app has been on iOS and Android (and Apple TV and FireTV) for a “while”? Or were they all released this week and on Roku is promoting it?

ROKU is making a move up on more positive analyst news and commentary.……

I just started a position in the high 120’s and added on the breakout. Thanks for bringing ROKU to my attention. I started a smaller position in PTON. Trends seem to favor both.

For those here who follow ROKU, do you see any problems on the horizon such as other streaming options taking them out?