Roku question

Are AppleTV, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast still a thing?

I started with Roku a long time ago. But it had connectivity problems so I switched to AppleTV, we now have two.

I was asking myself that question the other day, as one of our AppleTV boxes is getting long in the tooth. It’s still our go-to device for renting and buying movies and TV shows. We technically wouldn’t lose the purchases if we switch, but it would become a bit more hassle to go back and view previous purchases. And it would scatter ‘ownership’ (I happen to think we don’t really own it, because if Apple decides to cancel it all we don’t ‘own’ anything. Then again, I do ‘own’ a collection of DVDs I can’t play…)

Until now, we use one on our dumb TV. But that’s going to be a smart TV in the near future. Given that smart TVs already have Netflix, Prime Video etc. I don’t see any advantage of having a dedicated box other than above described hassle.


Something that is big for us and our family of 5 is that we can just unplug our FireTV stick and bring it with us. On vacation, to grandma and grandpas, etc… And plug it in and go.

For years now we have been buying movies via Amazon Digital instead of DVDs or Blue Rays so all of our digital content is just there in the cloud wherever our stick goes with us. The stick has all our configurations and log ins saved for all of our apps.

I imagine it’s the same for a Roku stick as well. Your own portable personalized entertainment device.


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