Roku's profit blows away expectations

Just to show the magnitude by which Roku’s earnings beat expectations:

  • Revenue: $574.2M versus analyst expectations of $490.89M - beat by $84 million. Total net revenue is up 79% YoY. Roku is on track to hit $2.3 billion in sales over the next 12 months.

  • Platform Revenue: $466.53M (up 101% yoy) versus $382.5M expected

  • Analysts were expecting them to lose 15 cents/share, instead they made a profit of 54 cents/sh. So, yes, they are now generating positive net profits while still growing revenues at near 80% YoY.

  • Adjusted EBITDA was $125.9M versus $31.8M expected. That’s almost 4x the expected EBITDA (!)

  • Gross margin improved to 57% versus the expected 49%. This shows the expanding profits related to their advertising platform compared to the hardware products.

  • Active accounts +35%

  • Streaming hours +49%

  • ARPU +32%


  • Next Quarter Revenue: $615M versus analyst expectations of $549.65M

  • Next Quarter EPS Guidance: $0.28 versus -$0.21

Astounding numbers. This one is a keeper for me.

Who just bought his 4th Roku TV, and has been long ROKU since early 2019.