Well…today started off just dandy.

MELi got the hook with the RTHG strategy

Used MELI funds to open serious TBs in DDOG, BILL, and S

Promoted NET to STARTER status.

All the Best,

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I ended up bailing out on the Saul stocks. I’m trying to live off the principal and couldn’t handle the steep declines. I’m leaving country for a few weeks and I don’t want to be worrying about valuations.

Hi Sonnyday1:

Hope you have a great vacation.

The Saul strategy is not for everyone and I would imagine that a great many borderline devotees are wavering - especially those who picked it up more recently. While in a lot of ways the markets have tested Saul over time - I am not sure his investing plan has ever faced such a myriad of impending difficulties coalescing all at once. It’s been rocky and it might get rockier.

Hopefully the markets will look a little more stable when you get back.

All the Best,