Running On Fumes - The Portfolio

Back in the day there was a pop song that got pretty popular: something about not being able to skate in a Buffalo Herd. For those have not had the wonderful opportunity to benefit from the incredible wisdom expressed in You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd - well…here it is:

The singer of Buffalo Herd was Roger Miller who also sang several additional songs chock full of investing acumen and advice like:

Do Wacka Do
Dang Me
King of The Road

So… If you took a moment to listen in to Buffalo Herd - you yourself might be asking what in the world that ridiculously silly song has anything to do with investing. Lets take a closer look.

Here are several key lyrics from the song in no particular order:

Ya can’t roller skate in a Buffalo Herd…
Ya can’t take a shower in a Parakeet cage…
Ya can’t go swimmin’ in a baseball pool…
Ya can’t drive around with a Tiger in your car…
All you gotta do is put your mind to it…(Buckle Down)

Simple enough stuff but crammed with hidden investing advise such as:

If you do what every body else is doing - you’re gonna get what everyone else is getting. The Average.

Set Big Goals

Target the right investments

Margin is potentially very very bad

And Lastly - You have to put in the work and time to be successful.

All courtesy of the great Roger Miller. And by the way…where do you think Saul got all his investing chops from? His strategies? His insightful insight? Why - and although I have no proof of this whatsoever - I would bet that if you asked Saul if he has ever heard the great Roger Miller investing song: You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd he would affirm it all. And now you know the rest of the story! (Sorry - couldn’t help myself.)

Seems like the 2024 Investing Season is running on fumes. So far - despite all us savvy Growth investors churning out investing wisdom and results, we have had one measely, wonderfully good, month, one mediocre one - and the other two just toss ups. One might think that in a Presidential election year the economy would be just humming along; however, things remain turbulent, murky and the rest of the year could easily spin out of control. We’ll see I suppose.

Just now - on May 9, intraday, the portfolio happens to be chugging along with a +8.35 YTD gain. And I would like to point out - with practically no help (or hindrance for that matter) from my lazy rear end. Not sure what to make of it except that the old line about Time In the Market being more important than Timing the Market comes to mind. Anyway here is the portfolio including yesterdays Scout Team additions:



B) The Bench


C) Scout Team


Thats all for now; although, I suppose I could break all that down by percentages/allocations, logic and reasoning, etc… etc…but I’m just warming up and not yet in prime investing shape - such as that ever is.

I am considering TSLA and SMCI. Tesla because it’s more than just a car company with a big fat overblown valuation. Potentially much more. And SMCI largely due to the fact - I say The Fact - that it has taken the Trading Company of the Year designation away from MELI.

Final Note: King of the Road is for impatient investors who use too much margin, switch portfolio strategies frequently on a wholesale basis and those who have no overall investing plan. However, as Roger points out - even investing hobos can revel and be happy in their investing misadventures. Ain’t we all been there?

All the Best
BDH Investing


HI Champ, do not you think CELH should be in the Bench level basing on showing some signs of slowdown. i know market shrug off this basing on last 2 days action. even Stocknovice also giving some warning insights. what do you think about risk of slowdown overall energy drink sector?

Also wonder why missing TTD, elections backdrop etc does not help?
fyi… i reduced after call but now wondering did i made mistake?

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Hi Venu:

I think there is a legitimate argument for taking CELH to the bench and in the end its a personal decision; however, I found that some explanations offered for the issue were entirely plausible and in light of company still appearing to take market share I am in a wait and see mode. The only advice I can offer of any substance would be to never argue with your instincts; which, means in general, if you find that historically your instincts in these situations are on the Plus side you should follow them. In the end, moving CELH to the bench is like the Catholic Church sending folks to purgatory in that once the sins are cleansed CELH could still be allowed back in the club along with admittance through the Pearly Gates - or something like that.

TTD is a different animal. Those expecting an advertising boom from the election season are probably correct to some degree - but, what then? Will TTD hold any significant hockey stick type gains for the long haul? Good stock and really great company but simply not on my radar just now. Could change and best to remember that I am a rank investing amateur with a long list of calamitous wrong turns.

All the Best - and good luck with TTD,
BDH Investing

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I don’t know… sounds more like Warren Buffett.

“ I smoke old stogies I have found
Short, but not too big around
I’m a man of means by no means
King of the road”

Hi thegreatdane:

Well…maybe but where Warren is just frugal - the guy in the song bet the farm on Luckin Coffee.

All the Best,
BDH Investing

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Welcome back, Champ. We’ve missed your sense of humor.

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Portfolio Update:

Sold the MELI position - poured the MELi proceeds and a slight bit more into SMCI moving it to STARTER status and pushing AXON to the Bench.

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