Russia also lost another colonel today

Russia also lost another colonel, Miras Bashakov, a tank battalion commander, according to reports today.

He was the 34th senior officer known to have died in a war that has haemorrhaged Putin’s battlefield top brass.

The scale of the high-ranking death toll defies Putin’s claim that his “special military operation” is going according to plan.

The overall Russian losses since the war began on February 24 are believed to be in the region of 20,000 but Moscow has failed to give accurate figures.

Last month Putin lost another general, Lieutenant-General Andrei Mordvichev, commander of the 8th Combined Arms Army, who was killed in battle at Chornobaivka, near the southern city of Kherson.

It follows the death of Major General Andrei Kolesnikov of the 29th Combined Arms Army and Vitaly Gerasimov, who was killed in fighting outside Kharkiv.

Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky was reportedly shot dead by a sniper at the battle for Hostomel Airfield about 30 miles outside the capital Kyiv in early March.

And General Magomed Tushaev died when his Chechen special forces column, including 56 tanks, was obliterated near Hostomel, north-east of the city.

Major-General Oleg Mityaev, 47, died in Mariupol as well as Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev who also died in the fighting.

Meanwhile, the latest estimates suggest Putin’s savages have now lost an eyewatering 756 battle tanks since the war began.…