Russia, back to plan A

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking to envoys at an Arab League summit in Cairo late Sunday, said Moscow is targeting the “absolutely unacceptable regime” of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.…

So, we can plan on energy and food market dislocations to continue.


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And Moldova’s PM fears the hungry bear may feed on it next.…
Moldova is “very worried” about a potential Russian invasion as Russian forces prepare to step up attacks in Ukraine’s east and south, close to the border with the small nation of 2.5 million.

Moldova’s prime minister, Natalia Gavrilita, said the possibility that her country could be the next to be invaded on orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin “is a hypothetical scenario for now.”

“But if the military actions move further into the southwestern part of Ukraine and toward Odessa, then of course we are very worried,” she said in an interview Sunday with CNN.


And Moldova’s PM fears the hungry bear may feed on it next.

When this rubarb started last winter, Lukashenko was showing a map showing the Russians overrunning Moldova, as well as Ukraine.