$S KPMG to Use Sentinel's Services


The KPMG Cyber Security Services team has been involved in many of the most high-profile breaches worldwide. KPMG can utilize SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform and Storyline Active Response (STAR) technology in incident response cases. SentinelOne’s AI-powered technology provides threat mitigation, remediation, and ransomware rollback capabilities.

Following SentinelOne’s 2021 acquisition of Scalyr, a leading cloud-scale data analytics platform powering SentinelOne XDR, KPMG is also leveraging the technology to rapidly ingest, correlate, search, and action data. This provides instant insights into endpoints anywhere in a centralized location.

“Milliseconds matter in breach situations. Incident response underscores the criticality of SentinelOne’s autonomous platform, which delivers machine-speed visibility, protection, and response,” said Nicholas Warner, COO, SentinelOne. “It’s an honor to be included in KPMG’s Cyber Security Services incident response capabilities and to enable global organizations to effectively prevent as well as respond to sophisticated attacks through and with the experts they trust.

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