S & P 500 Earnings

Look at this chart. They say earnings are coming down but if you look at this chart the earnings have been way up since the pandemic. So what gives? Are the corporations causing inflation or is it the people that won’t keep spending money? Obviously the earnings of the Corporations are not hurting.

S&P 500 Earnings Per Share.


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Covid was hard on earnings. But then recovery began. The impact from inflation and high oil prices and commodities is mostly after the Ukraine invasion. So declines are starting to arrive and more are expected in this quarters earnings.

No one knows how bad it will be or how long it will last. People are watching closely.

Inflation causes those on fixed income to adjust spending. Businesses left assets in Russia. Tensions have resulted in some trade restrictions. All the geese are yet to come home.


Right Paul but looking at that chart earnings should be down in the $30-$35 dollar range. But when people say earnings are coming down, yes, but off of a very high base. All the Tariffs didn’t help either.