Safe Bulkers Q3 2023

Been a busy reporting week across sectors. Just noticed that Safe Bulkers (SB) had also reported mid-week

  • Revenue of $67.1M
  • Net income of ??? (it is positive - Slide 11 EPS bar chart)
  • TCE of $14861 daily
  • Declared div of 5c/sh
  • Took delivery of a newbuild in Q3, and another in Oct 2023. Placed an order for two more

I hate when companies make it difficult to find simple data e.g. net income. If the new vessels IMO GHG Phase 3 are indeed a big deal, why not provide the data? Per end of Q3 2023, it was only 5 vessels.
One of the reasons, SB ends up being a short term trade for me.