Safety & Connectivity

I chose the title Safety & Connectivity to be the most innocuous one I could find to discuss two very divisive but related topics.

The linked talk by Jonathan Haidt points out how safety concerns limited group play by toddlers and its deleterious effects on children. Children raised on cruising yachts are some of the most self-reliant and best adapted kids I have ever met. Cruising the ocean blue is not safe by any means, the ocean could care less about people so sailors have to look out for themselves. It builds character! Being over protective of children is more harmful than helpful. This topic, fearfulness, ties in with the main argument presented by Jonathan Haidt

Long before 2015. the date attributed by Haidt to the current academic problems, Stuart Kauffman, my favorite Complexity Scientist pointed out that the more nodes a network has the more chaotic it becomes. To put it in context, life is described as existing at the edge of order and chaos. Read all about it with Google as your guide:

The Science of Complexity does not attribute morality, good or evil, it attributes the feedback complexity tends to generate.

Haidt points out that the early WWW generated a lot of healthy feedback but as complexity grew, specially on social networks, the feedback went from healthy to destructive. It made society more chaotic, my words.

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The “anxious generation”? What would you expect with the media constantly screaming hysteria and hype?

I have my own marker for the dawning of the era of daily “severe weather” hype. I first noticed it on channel 7, in Detroit. Their main weather person was Jerry Hodak, who had been doing weather in metro Detroit since the late 60s. A year or two before his retirement in 2010, I noticed his default forecast, seemingly 3 or 4 days out of every week, was 60mph wind and 1" hail, which was clearly nonsense, but it got everyone amped up.

Of course, the daily “severe weather” hysteria followed the early 2000s manipulation of the post-9/11 “terror threat level” to keep everyone on edge.

So the exploitation of 9/11 could well have been the soil that the “anxious generation” was grown in.



Like Climate Catastrophe?

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Yet the overall climate has changed dramatically, and NOT in the way people wanted. They were told well in advance and did virtually nothing to change the developing situation.


Which people? All people? Some people? Loony people? People with government grants? Politicians? Davos people? I’m people.

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The people NOT getting what they want, or expect.

MN getting less than 10" of snow in the winter is ONE example.

Losers? Of course they complain.

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We all know the parable of a bored boy, a flock of sheep and a forecasted wolf.

And we know the moral.

Are we seeing the moral played out, what with the general apathy towards the “sensationalized” danger?

A sizeable portion of US voters seem fed up with the sensationalism status quo?


My version comes from European / Roman / Greek fables.
I suspect every other major culture has a similar parable.

We are now seeing the predicted results of the predicted wolf.

Which sheep will be sent to the slaughterhouse? And why?