Sailing the Pacific

I’ve been watching this YouTuber for a year or so.
The family: Dad, Mom, 2 babies in diapers.

The videos are interesting, as a look at life on a 30 to 40 ft sail boat. They have an engine and propeller, too. And a bit of technology: electronics for navigation, videography, VHF, and some other stuff.

Here, they have left Indonesia and are sailing west to the Maldives.

Approached at Sea.

Ever since the mid 1970s, I’ve traveled solo in Mexico.
Every time I would be preparing to head out, many people would tell me how dangerous it is, how "bad people, bad things, bad this, bad that… blah blah).
To date, I’ve never had the “bad”.

I have been in situations in which I felt “nervous”, as this father describes.
But, I was solo. And, I know I’d be different if I were traveling with an SO and babies.
I’m happy to get the sailing experience vicariously. I don’t think I’d like being on a small boat, continuously, and responsible for all work, all repairs, all the “night watch” etc, etc, etc.

My hat’s off to these guys.
Happy sailing!


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Interesting, but not for everyone…

Workmate of my DW, an optical engineer, sold everything, attempted to do a similar live at sea adventure, similar boat, but less tech of the 80s, they did make it out for NorCal, to SoCal and eventually to Hawaii when they decided it was not what they could handle… No kids, just man & wife, in the end they really could not deal with the total isolation… They paid someone to sail their boat back to Northern California, they flew home, settled into a normal suburban life, last we heard…

A HS classmate of mine, built his own guppy like cement & steel mesh boat here in the '70s, no or low tech. I saw it upside down, and helped him flip it over, in a big old warehouse here… He made it to Hawaii, by himself, never slept it seems. Set a sea anchor, fell asleep, but the sea anchor drifted, onto the rocks somewhere out there, he save a bag of his stuff, walked away, end of that adventure… He passed. yers later, living in FL I think, lost track, actually, but the tale came from an older brother, also gone…

Me, I’ll do cruises, want that guide, etc…