Sales Intelligence Market 2023-2027; Segmentation by deployment, component

"According to projections, the market will grow by USD 2,940.9 million. Rising cloud-based solution usage is one of the factors driving the market for Sales Intelligence globally. Other factors such as custom-made solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to increase demand, and rising investment in R&D. Between 2022 and 2027, the market for Sales Intelligence is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 14.76%."

“An important trend in the market for sales Intelligence is artificial intelligence and automation in consulting procedures. AI and automation are rapidly being employed in consulting operations in the worldwide sales intelligence market to improve the efficacy, precision, and speed of data analysis and insight production.”

“Automation may be combined with other healthcare software systems, such as online booking and web-based payment and billing software, because of its cloud-based implementation.”

The original source, Technavio, further shares: “The market share growth by the website personalization segment will be significant during the forecast period. The most widely used advertising method is website personalization. This holds the highest share of the global AI-based personalization market and is expected to continue its dominance during the forecast period.”

It also seems safe to assume that automated workflow management systems and automated data collection continue to improve B2B processes and will become even more relevant in the majority of industries.


Such numbers don’t surprise me one bit, the advent of AI tools is in full force these days. I do part-time work at a travel agency, and apps of that type help us immensely on the entire customer experience front. For example, we use them to process all the relevant data about CTRs and bounce rates so that we know what are the first things to improve upon. And I must say, we’ve made and continue to make tons of course-correcting on aspects like customizing product recommendations and layouts or improving a page’s load time.

Also, AI tools help us stay on time with all pending customer queries and can even predict their future behavior. I myself have seen how positively people reacted very soon after we’ve implemented those changes (I can tell that the customers feel respected and valued after a well-toned and substantial response from our side - even better if it comprises the right recommendation for an upcoming holiday). And I’m certain it’ll only get better moving forward!