Salesforce migrates to AWS!!!! chooses Amazon Web Services for major migration

Amazon Web Services says it’s been chosen by as its preferred public cloud infrastructure provider. As part of an infrastructure expansion, Salesforce will increase usage from existing services on AWS, and add core services: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Cloud, Commnity Cloud, Analytics Cloud and more.

The companies confirm that the “third-party provider” deep in Salesforce’s 10-Q that’s set to receive $400M in infrastructure spending over the next four years is AWS.

Great news for AMZN.


Good news Saul ! :slight_smile:

Saw the following post over on the Falling Knives board. The whole thread is actually quite interesting.…

AWS got Salesforce, that is a $400M deal. Why is it important? Salesforce was the first pure SaaS company. So they have significantly invested and build data center capabilities to meet their customers needs. Now they are moving to AWS. They are acknowledging the infrastructure part is just a utility for them and have no strategic value and they want to focus only on their software. I think you will see more such moves in the future.

Don’t actually know much about this Fool, but he seems very knowledgeable about the tech industry. Obviously if he’s right, this is great for Amazon…not that anyone is particularly worried about them, or AWS. But nice to hear.

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