Salesforce takeovers?

Salesforce has been looking to acquire, maybe to get big enough to not be bought. Here is a list believed to be companies they do, or would like. All cloud. Includes HUBS.…

Netsuite (N) was recently acquired by Oracle and we remember the Salesforce wanted LinkedIn before Mr. Softie ate them.

We don’t invest in takeover candidates on this board, but I suspect this list has some good grows as the cloud is doing well (e.g NVDA). Possible good place to research.

WAGE is not on the list but I got long that not long ago. I have always liked NOW as they provide a “service desk” in the cloud, allowing the tech support teams track tickets on their workstations, tablets and phones while receiving software updates and patches automatically - obviously a subscription model. Beat earning last report.

VEEV we have mentioned on this board before.

Happy hunting.

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