Saskatchewan: Mass Stabbings, 10 Dead

Starphoenix headline: 10 dead, at least 15 injured in Saskatchewan multiple stabbings: RCMP
RCMP are still looking for the suspects, with alerts now covering three provinces.

Author of the article:Bryn Levy, Brandon Harder
Publishing date:Sep 04, 2022 • 7 minutes ago • 6 minute read…

Saskatchewan RCMP say 10 people are dead and at least 15 injured after multiple stabbings in the province on Sunday morning, and two suspects are still on the loose.

At a press conference on Sunday afternoon in Regina, Saskatchewan RCMP ‘s Acting Commander Rhonda Blackmore said police were working with 13 crime scenes and that there may be more victims. The stabbings were thought to be both targeted and random, she said. Blackmore asked that any additional injured people who may have taken themselves to hospital to speak with police.