Dear Sal R.

Thank you for...

showing me a way to evaluate stocks so that I am no longer a gambler but an investor

explaining investing via the Knowledge base....
my portfolio has multiple expansions from lesson I learned via your generosity
in not only putting it into a coherent form and printing it out but expanding on 
it as it evolved concerning the SAS model

the hours upon hours you worked so that others could benefit from your experiences

the patience you have shown to others when they began attacking you 

your incredible humility as you have consistently explained via lessons both personal and general

I feel blessed to have found this discussion group that looks for no rewards 

except to teach and educate others led by example, by you. Thank you.

I agree, so many people to thank and the amount of work Saul, Muji, etc., put in has helped me catch up on tons of wasted and (bad)foolish years of investing. Thanks1

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