Saul's 10 Commandments

Thank you Saul for trying to patiently keep this Board one of the best in Fooldom. You’ve got my vote for the Feste Award. I came across the King James version of the 10 Commandments the other day and couldn’t resist issuing your rules you are forced to reiterate ad nauseam. –imyoung

Saul’s 10 Commandments - King James Version

  1. Saul is The Lord and Boss of Saul’s Investing Board. Accept it!

  2. Thou shalt study Saul’s Knowledge Base (… ) and not bow down thyself unto irrelevant discussions.

  3. Thou shalt accept Saul’s Rules and not pollute this Board with unnecessary arguments and destructive sarcasm.

  4. Take a rest from this Board while thou shalt labor, and do all thy work according to Saul’s Knowledge Base. Provide us with pertinent information about a potential company in which to invest, a candidate according to Saul’s definition. Calculate its 1YPEG, its revenue and earnings growth over time. Provide us with the company’s fundamentals, its recurring income, its moat. Then thou shalt post the fruits of thy labor and thereafter rest.

  5. Honor Saul and his generous labor so that Saul may not get discouraged and his days on this Board may be prolonged for the benefit of us all.

  6. Thou shalt not kill the purpose of this Board by veering off topic or providing discussions of exotic investments or extended elaborations on technical analysis. Reread Saul’s Knowledge Base.

  7. Thou shalt not adulterate investment discussions with political diatribes, personal revelations, and semi-humorous private conversations.

  8. Neither shalt thou steal our time with unnecessary Thank You posts, buying or selling decisions, or hourly stock movements.

  9. Neither shalt thou discuss companies with decreasing revenue, decreasing earnings over a number of years, takeover or sell-off-the-parts candidates.

  10. Neither shalt thou covet Saul’s position as Lord of His Investing Board but thou shalt quietly leave and go forth to start your own Investment Discussion Board.


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That was cute. :slight_smile: I’ll just add that Saul is patient, Saul is kind and Saul is generally easygoing so – Be not afraid! – and… Treat your board neighbor as yourself. :slight_smile:



Should I add in that – There is only one Saul and only one mediator between Saul and his board? :slight_smile:


I do not wish you to be ignorant… somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to dumb idols.