Saul's floating head

In case you aren’t aware of who it is you are following on this board, the man that is its name sake … I recommend you take 30 minutes of your day and see what lead him to be who the man he is today.

Founding Faculty Interview series (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio), 2010-2011…

A fun Saul fact: He’s red-green colorblind, which lead him into Psychiatry over other medical fields.

Another Saul fact: He’s written many books, including “Sex Over 40” and “Speaking Better French, Faux Amis” (and what seems about 30 other books on the French language - and here I thought investing was his primary passion!).

Here’s a later interview from the vault, this time in print and on the investing side of his life:


Assuredly OT but I’m feeling gracious for all the knowledge Saul dispenses and corrals here.

long Saul and learning


Thanks, Muji.

You can also see his books on Amazon:…

Apparently Saul is as much in demand on Amazon - below his photo, it says,

“Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations”

That kind of sums him up to a T.

Thanks again, Saul. It was interesting to learn a bit about you, in your own words.


What a find- thanks for the link Muji. Saul has changed my life- to paraphrase fish13 from a few months ago, he’s the best investing teacher I’ve ever known. As a current physician, I aspire to be a former physician like him.

Is Saul a polymath?

Thanks all,



Well that was an eye opener.

To be completely honest part of me wasn’t even sure Saul was a real person. Another Banksy maybe.

To put a voice and a face, and that all too familiar NYC accent on the name just changed everything for me.

Saul you are real. :wink:

The highest level of respect to you. Hopping you are healthy and happy.

You’re a real mensch!



Wow. We are so lucky.
Like beyond lucky. Like a moment in history that we will pinch ourselves over and over wondering how did we stumble upon this free resource that changed our lives so drastically.
Someone who gave so freely but reminded us over and over to focus on what really matters and to learn for ourselves.

Tis the season to be grateful.



Awesome, great to learn about Saul, many thanks for posting this.

Three things that stood out to me:

#1. Reason for turning down a math PhD program (gotta love that mindset)

#2. Turning down being a department chair (seductive).

#3. Not succumbing to a dominant approach (it is very easy to ride a wave, very hard to try and start a new one, or find something useful in an earlier one, or just going another route)

I also think that 1-3 go together nicely.

I really liked the nature of greatest accomplishment at UT-San Antonio, an exciting challenge.

Nice to hear about the house in Provence, too.

Btw, not my area, but psychoanalysis is well and alive…if you look at the right place(s?)…

Congratulations on a great trajectory and the many accomplishments!


Thanks Muji, will definitely going to watch the interview this weekend.

Everyday I’m still grateful that I came across this board and guess I’m one of the many silent ‘lurkers’ here that is sucking up all the wisdom that is shared by the many great minds on this board here.

Saul et al: you’re an inspiration to many of us, thank you.

  • Paul -

Just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for Saul/muji and the other members of this board. The sense of camaraderie, that is embodied comes from the single most important mission we are all on together which is securing our families financial future.

From being a long time “trader” to first time successful investor has been quite the journey and the information contained in these discussion forums is pure gold. Kudos to all those who take out the time to add valuable content.

This video has really enlightened me to the intricacies of Saul’s mind. Intellectual curiosity, passion, and a world of real life experience really stand out.

-Long Saul/muji


PLEASE forgive my ot indiscretion. But Saul so powerfully changed my financial life that you bet your bottom dollar I just had to order his sex after 40 book!
P.S. I cant wait to see if it increases my results the same amount!:wink:


Thanks Muji, and thanks everyone for your kind words. Yes, I am a real person :grinning:. And it IS a lot of work doing this, but it is nice to feel that I have done some good in the world to make people’s lives better.



Your professional life certainly prepared you for your investing career. Thinking on your feet, taking responsibility, understanding the mind of Mr. Market, and teaching. What a combination!

Both me and my Portfolio thank you for this great board.

Denny Schlesinger


Like others I know that these off topic threads as can grow to be terribly long, and so hesitate to add to them but, also like others, life changing are the only words I can use to describe what this board has done for me. I have been conducting my own investing longer than Saul I believe, with a modest amount of success. I was able to retire at 53 and live a comfortable life. But after finding this board in early 2015 my success has been incredible. This helps not only myself and my wife but our children and grand children. I am now able to pay college expenses for my grand children and help a daughter go to graduate school, help maintain them through Covid unemployment etc.
So Thank you Saul and all the great contributors to this board.


PLEASE forgive my OT indiscretion. But Saul so powerfully changed my financial life that you bet your bottom dollar I just had to order his sex after 40 book! Tim

Since this thread is all off-topic, I’ll just add one more post to it. In 1966 and 1977 Masters and Johnson wrote their two books. For you youngsters it’s hard to imagine how daring those books were. They were SHOCKING! No one talked about male and female sexual organs and sexual methods in print unless it was sleazy porno. Nowadays there are explicit articles about how to have better orgasms and whatever in every magazine you can look at. I was a professor at the UT Med School when the second book came out, which described their therapy methods. Well, I started doing M&J type sexual therapy, working with a female co-therapist. Talk about daring! This was in Texas! In the early 1970’s! If I hadn’t been a professor at the university I probably would have been considered a quack at best, and run out of town on a rail at worst. But when the therapy worked, I had some of my most grateful patients!!! After I went into private practice, in addition to my regular practice, I set up the Sexual Therapy Clinic of San Antonio, and my wife and I published a print newsletter (print was all there was then), called Sex over Forty. She ran the business and I wrote the articles. A lot in revenue but hardly anything in profit. Had an IBM System 34 computer (I think it was called), that was 3 feet by 6 feet and 4 feet high that didn’t have 1/100th the capability of my little MacBook Air (probably not 1/100th as much as my iPhone either). When we sold the newsletter after five years, I wrote the book.

I loved writing the books teaching English speakers about French. After all, 60% of English words come almost directly from French. After William the Conquerer conquered England in 1066, the upper classes (Normans) and the legal system and the courts, were all in French. Only the serfs spoke English. Richard the Lion-hearted didn’t speak a word of English. His real name was Richard, Coeur de Lion. Over the centuries words in each language grew apart so the same word sometimes means different things in each language. They are called faux amis (false friends). When you see them or hear them you assume you know what they mean, but you don’t. Here are some of the words that do mean the same:

abandon – abandon
abandonné – abandonned
abandonner – to abandon
abaque – abacus
abattoir – abattoir
abbaye – abbey
abbesse – abbess
abcès – abcess
abdication – abdication
abdiquer – to abdicate
abdomen – abdomen
abdominal – abdominal
abducteur – abductor
aberrant – aberrant
aberration – aberration
abhorrer – to abhor
abject – abject
abjuration – abjuration
abjurer – to abjure
ablation – ablation
ablution – ablution
abnégation – abnegation
abolir – to abolish
aboli – abolished
abolitionniste – abolitionist
abominable – abominable
abomination – abomination
abominer – to abominate
abondance – abundance
abondamment – abundantly

Believe it or not, this whole list came from just the first two pages of the A’s in my French dictionary! We are still in words starting with Ab !

But sensible in French comes from the family of words around sensation, and means sensitive, while sensible in English comes from the family of around words common sense, or that makes sense, and means that what you are talking about makes sense. That’s what a faux amis is. In addition to French Faux Amis, I also wrote books on The Rules for the Gender of French Nouns (French people just “know” if a noun is masculine or feminine), French Key Words and Expressions, French Words You Use Without Knowing It, etc.

Enough on this. I hope it was interesting in getting to know the eponymous “Saul” who turns out to be a real guy after all!




Dear Saul -

Very interesting indeed and thank you for what you do for all of us. To obtain this level of investment education on a public forum is a (sadly) unusual level of generosity that I will forever be grateful for. Though a cliché phrase, you sir are indeed a gentleman and a scholar.

Many thanks,



Because of you (and this board) I can finally retire & walk away from a 30+ year Corporate job, that has finally got the best of me!

But here is the best part, two good stories:

  1. I found out this year I have a 36 year old son, who I never knew I had. We are getting to know him & his wife and having so much fun, their dream was a lake cabin in MN to fish at every weekend, because of you, I bought them a lake cabin with cash and I plan to spend my retirement years enjoying the summers with them!
  2. I have a nephew whose father is special forces, did many tours and came back really screwed up, he disowned his own wife and son! But because of you, I am paying for his entire College Education and he has newfound confidence that someone believes in him!

Because of you and this board, you have changed my life and I plan to pay it forward! Thank you!


I would love to have a Saul bobblehead sitting next to my computer display as inspiration for my stock picking. Saul, any thoughts on this possibility?




Believe it or not, I wrote a similar book: I am French and I wrote a book about the American language in French.…
In the book I also wrote about the Conquest of England and the fact that the king of England spoke French for 200 years or so. My research at the time showed that more than 30% of the English words come from French and more than 50% from French or Latin.

To add to the coincidence, I am also red/green color blind.

Thank you so much for providing us with such wonderful investing advice.
Belote, rebelote et dix de der! :slight_smile:


In England the animal is the English “pig” but on the dinner plate it becomes the French “pork.”

C’est la vie!

Denny Schlesinger


The man behind the curtain, or this case, discussion board. What a nice insight into the man who has had such a great impact on so many lives. He is what I had imagined, just not as acerbic, considering his stern monitoring of his board.

I now this is really OT, but I’ve egged your floating head, egg tempera.

Saul, thanks again.



Being multi-lingual is a real gift; it gives you two unique perspectives on the world. French is a great language, rich with nuance and subtle meaning, and learning it grants entry to an incredible world of literature. I am the world’s worst language student, but I enjoyed French in high school (our working model of a guillotine should have placed first in the state French Culture competition, but some bozo made a scale replica of the palais de Versailles out of popsicle sticks). I continued to study French at the university, after which… nothing. Other than my tres amusants attempts to speak French when visiting France 25 years ago (which was 15 years after my last contact with the language), whatever French skills I gained faded with time.

So, after 40+ years of being essentially mono-lingual, I resolved to challenge myself by learning a new language. I chose Russian, because there are almost no cognates or “faux amis” – different alphabet, different syntax, different everything. A bonus is that there are many great works of literature written in Russian (and believe me, any translation will be woefully inadequate). But, learning Russian has proven to be hard. MUCH harder than French, or investing, or anything else I have attempted to master, including physics! But, to give me some feeling of success, I am also renewing my French. French is SO much easier, because of the overlaps and my prior experience, and far more enjoyable to learn! So, every day, I slog through a Russian lesson, and then reward myself with a French lesson. That seems to be working.

I was somewhat surprised that my dedication to learn seems to tilt towards the obsessive. The annual report from Duolingo (my learning tool) showed me in the top 4% worldwide of language learners. I wish I could say I feel like a good language student. At least French is fun… but Russian is a bear! (pun intended).

Merci beaucoup, Saul. Je suis beaucoup plus riche de vous avoir rencontré sur ce forum, à la fois financièrement et autrement.

Tiptree, Fool One guide