SBLK CEO interview on multiple subjects

Informative interview with Star Bulk (SBLK) CEO Petros Pappas.
Covers shipping, commodity stock-piling, environmental issues and Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), future shipping fuels, etc.
(listening to Petros Pappas is more helpful- the subtitle translation is sometimes awful)…

SBLK is my 2nd largest shipping position. Many years ago, (like a decade ago) Oaktree Capital helped bail SBLK out. Oaktree trimmed their SBLK stake of around 40% in 2021, but I still think of Oaktree Capital as a SBLK insider. I mean, they are still the largest shareholder with 25.42% of the SBLK shares and hold 4 of 11 board seats.

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