For the second quarter 2016, analysts estimate SBNY will earn $1.97 non-GAAP per share, an increase of 11.30% over the prior year second quarter non-GAAP results.

For the second quarter 2016, analysts estimate SBNY will generate revenues of $295.3M, an increase of 10.36% over the prior year second quarter results.

annual growth rate looks like this:
1 yr 21.4%
3 yr 18.8%
5 yr 18.9%

Annualized cash flow from Q1 2013 to Q4 2015 is up 28.8%

net income quarterly is:
Q1 2015- $222
Q2 2015- $236
Q3 2015- $250
Q4 2015 $268
Q1 2016- $278

net income annually is:
2011- $460
2012- $550
2013- $648
2014- $801
2015- $977

Second quarter earnings will be reported July 20th.
Stock price is down 15.94% over the last 12 months.

Due to weak overall market? or something else that I do not see?
I have not owned this stock long enough to have seen any gains. My entry point was not good…therefore I am in the red and feeling impatient.

I have read Saul’s reviews on this holding, sounds good, Looks good too.

Comments ?



I have read Saul’s reviews on this holding (SBNY), sounds good, Looks good too.

Comments ?

Patience required, on quite a few stocks I’m holding right now.

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I also see the uncertainty in the overall market…could go up for 2nd half of 2016…or not…where is my crystal ball ?

My time horizon is a lot shorter than it used to be, age and health issues…still got a brain though :slight_smile:

I have added to my positions, rightly or wrongly, over the last several days.

And have also noticed on a couple of the past days, the contrarian behaviour (to the upside) of my individual stock positions compared to the market.

several of these are Saul holdings…it’s gratifying when the market is red and our stocks are green.



I think it’s a combination of issues none of which have anything to do with SBNY:

All of this seems to cause a lot of investor to exit stock and invest in raw materials and bonds, both of which have been steadily growing since the start of the year.

It’s hard to say when the situation will stabilize. Brits voting against exiting the EU would help as would Amazon taking in the profits instead of reinvesting them (which would bring the P/E of S&P 500 down a couple ticks). Failing that, two more good earnings quarters should convince the investors to come back.

The flip side of the coin is - worries about the market could harm the economy by themselves creating a self-fulfilling prophecy in the mid-term.

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Hi Frank, Two very important metrics for SBNY that you should add to your description:

Book value per share
Two years ago $40.10
One year ago $51.70
Last quarter $62.85

Efficiency ratio (lower is better)
Two years ago 36.2
One year ago 35.1
Last quarter 32.2

Those values are beyond great, down on the level of a branchless bank like Bofi, and half the level of some big banks. Here’s the definition from wikipedia:

The efficiency ratio, a ratio that typically applies to banks, in simple terms is defined as expenses as a percentage of revenue (expenses / revenue), with a few variations. A lower percentage is better since that means expenses are low and earnings are high.




Looking at multiple research reports there is the usual mix of buy, hold, and sell on SBNY. I wasn’t looking for their recommendations, but rather to see comparisons to peer banks. I think one big difference I noticed is most of the other regional banks give a ~3% yield dividend which I notice SBNY has failed to start. Besides the long term prospects due to their high performance, they also have the possible upside if they started issuing a dividend. They have much higher profitability and margin than their sector comparison which means they have the means to do this now.
I have no position now, but am interested in getting into banks ahead of fed rate increases which seem to be inevitable.!/stock/us/nasdaq/sbny/peer-…

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Maybe the prices for the taxi medallions are falling further…?



Thanks FiFun, Nice website. I went on it to the next page which was analysis of growth, which was even more impressive.!/stock/us/nasdaq/sbny/peer-…

Thanks to all for your useful posts

Since nobody mentioned it I think the FOMC softness is also affecting all banks. One rate bump (now out to Sept/Oct?) and all will rise.

SBNY Sept 120/140 BCS now under water.

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