Not sure what to think about this 15% drop in SE. It appears because India banned Free Fire, but talk of all this aggression and military action makes it hard to figure out what will happen to the company. SE is tied in with China too much, if these aggressions increase SE is going to continue to sink. hrrrmmm… Should I stay or should I go (The Cure Reference).

I suppose you meant The Clash Reference.

Methinks that MNDY and UPST (and even NVDA, AMD or FTNT) are better investments right now.

Moneyslob is right, when you don´t know what else to do,take a look at Saul´s portfolio.


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Should I stay or should I go (The Cure Reference).

you mean The Clash?

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Today my SE decided to become a Bench Level position all on its own.

I see the problem not so much that India slammed the door on the game - but rather, what if they decide to ban SE eCommerce also.

Nobody like China very much.

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