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Sea Ltd continues to expand its southeast asian business .Its three major business components are already strong in Singapore and this will stimulate further growth.

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 4, 2020-- SeaLimited (NYSE: SE) (“Sea” or the “Company”) today announced that it has been selected for the award of a license to operate a digital full bank in Singapore. The Monetary Authority of Singapore announced earlier today that Sea has been selected for the award of a digital full bank license, the first time such a license is being awarded in Singapore.

The news release is available at the following site.…



I saw this come across this morning. They are one of four companies selected, with Ant Group out of China being another. I think they have smartly invested so much over the last few years to cement their place in Southeast Asia and it should pay off nicely in the coming years. I added more premarket.


Thanks for your postings on SE as this stock is a bit of an orphan on this message board. SE is my largest position since last April at >10%. SE has the pedigree, backers, management, and legs to perform for a long time. Many folks are uncomfortable investing beyond our borders. I am married to a Thai for 35 years so I have spent a lot of time in that part of the world so kind of understand the culture, politics, and economics of many of the SE Asia countries. So I very much have my eyes open and recognize how the Shopee/Money fits with the culture. Actually my wife initially said the model would never work and implied I was a dumb farang (foreigner in Thai). But after a few heated debates, she is got on board and also is an investor. I think a lot of MF people have missed this one but I believe there is still plenty of upside in the coming year. This is a narrative story stock like many stocks recommended on this board. Just keep an eye on the growth rates of Shopee and any slowdown in Garena gaming.

-long SE


SE is my largest position since last April at >10%. SE has the pedigree, backers, management, and legs to perform for a long time.

SE just regained my portfolio’s top spot (14.9%) from Pinterest (14.5%) with its performance today.

Regarding its banking license, you hear so much about how companies like Paypal and Square are changing the way people bank, but its still hard to believe HOW MUCH its changed for Gen Z. Not many younger people have traditional bank accounts, all their transactions are done through Venmo and Cash App. If this shift is global, then Sea’s win today is absolutely huge for their fintech division, especially with a young, digital savvy Asian population. They have the unique opportunity to be at the center of ALL discretionary commerce in Southeast Asia, starting in Singapore.

Some extra details about today’s banking license decision, courtesy of TechCrunch (I didn’t realize that Ant could only serve businesses while Sea got everyday consumers):

Like traditional banks, Grab-Singtel and Sea will be able to offer customers banking accounts, debit and credit cards and other services. Digital wholesale banks — the licenses of which went to Ant-owned entity and Greenland Financial consortium — will serve small and medium-sized businesses. None of them will be required to have a physical presence.…



Guys - for those interested here is the DBS take on SEA’s new digital banking license.…

As well as their coverage report of SEA……