Searching and PAYC and MASI

Feel free to delete this post as it is more of a request than a contribution. I’ve seen a few tips about how to search the board here. Now I need to search to find out how best to search! Would it be possible to add a search guide to the pinned posts on the right here?

As I continue to focus my portfolio down to fewer ideas PAYC and MASI are two I don’t know nearly enough about. I’ve searched here and while I’ve found some mentions of the tickers, I have seen very little content. I am trying to decide how to take my next sip from the firehose of data, so before I dive in deeper, if anyone has a reason why I should just skip either of these, I would certainly appreciate hearing the bear-pitch as starting point to make that decision for myself. I’d be happy to hear any information really, but I don’t expect to get much without offering something so I’ll be back with something to contribute regardless.