SEDG launches commercial inverter

Looks like they will be moving more aggressively into this market. Coupled with SolarCity also focussing on commercial clients, this could be another strong revenue stream:

"The SolarEdge commercial solution consist of small and light-weight three-phase commercial inverters, sized 24.75kW and 33.3kW for both low and medium voltage connection, P600 and P700 power optimizers, and a cloud-based, module-level monitoring platform. By maximizing power harvesting from each module, enabling longer strings, enhanced safety, and lower O&M costs, the SolarEdge DC optimized inverter solution improves the lifetime value of commercial systems.

“As a top global inverter company, SolarEdge is now launching its commercial inverter solution in the Japanese market,” stated Guy Sella, CEO, Founder, and Chairman of SolarEdge. “Identifying Japan as an important PV market, SolarEdge invested in developing the right products to meet the needs and regulation requirements of the Japanese market."

“SolarEdge began ten years ago by introducing innovative power optimizer. Today, we offer a full DC optimized inverter solution. Our global track record of 2.5GW of systems shipped, including ten million power optimizers, coupled with a local Japanese team and subsidiary, ideally positions us to launch our commercial solution in the Japanese market,” stated Nobu Fukatsu, SolarEdge’s General Manager of Japan."…