SEDG results

I get discouraged posting these great results, because there always seem to be a chorus of voices saying how risky and dangerous these stocks are, but for SEDG:

Revenues up 72% over last year and up 17% sequentially. That’s revenue!

Gross Margin 29.1% up from 20.9% a year ago.

Adjusted Net was $16.3 million up from $2.8 million!

EPS was 36 cents, up 300% from 9 cents. (GAAP EPS was 32 cents up from zero.)

Outlook for December is for revenue up 63% at midpoint of the range.

PE after earnings announced was 17.9

Yes, I know, risky, risky, risky: revenues up 72%, earnings up 300%, gross margin rising, a PE of 17.9, but another “risky” company.



Saul, I cannot resist replying, even while I am delighted at your present vindication and what I hope will be your stunning success in SEDG!

But the risk is real, clearly, and lies primarily in the nature of technology: obsolescence and ambush.

In this case the critical items are ‘power optimizers’ and ‘micro-inverters’. Hmm. I sort of prefer I suppose you combat the risk with R&D. But what is enough? Will anything be enough?

Additional risk lies in the history of SEDG as a public company. Also I am not sure about how far subsidies are relevant to its future.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire your high-turnover, high tax methods which produce such good results, which is why I read the board you are kind enough to host. But we only share views on the investment qualities of one or two. I need more history and meat in fundamentals and I try to avoid turnover (tax). The difficulty at the present time is of course that growth at a reasonable price (GARP) is only to be found in technology which is inherently risky. (I know you don’t like that word but actually it is difficult to avoid!)

Chacun a son gout as the cheese-eaters say.


This am SEDG upgraded to outperform, Avondale.


up 25% as i write

Nice to see a quarterly report being rewarded after so many others recently seemed to get beaten up for strong results!

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As Trump would say “The volume today is yuge! The people that shorted this stock are stupid and, well let me say this, some of them might not be stupid, eh, but who knows, what I do know is this stock rebounded so high it made their heads spin. Did you know I am leading in all the poles, well until recently, but I’m still up there. Ben Carson…Ben Carson doesn’t know about investing, but I do, Ben might be an ok doctor, I guess, but SEDG, that is a fantastic stock and if you elect me, all stocks will be fantastic”.

not trying to start a political thing, sorry if offended, couldn’t help myself


Gaps fill.

Mostly true, but d’em earnings gaps are typically the exceptions…

not in SEDG, just a gap observer of sorts.

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