SEDG Solar Win

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has awarded 450MW of solar capacity in the state of Maharashtra, with the lowest collective set of bids involving viability gap funding (VGF) so far.

A total of three foreign firms won significant capacity in a market that has become increasingly dominated by Indian corporates of late. UK-based Lightsource and China-based Canadian Solar won 50MW and 80MW respectively. Meanwhile, Israel’s SolarEdge came out with the highest capacity win of 130MW……



Thanks JT, for the info.

Last Q, SEDG did 416 MW of inverters shipped. So, the 130 MW from this project is about a month’s worth of business.

The fundamentals look good, with over $3.26 cash/share.

We know the industry is projected to slow down in 2017, but at this P/E, not much risk, imo.

btw, the options premiums are quite good, also.

Good Luck,