Seems so quiet here

The new forum migrations seem to have killed off the participation here, or is it just me?


Certain threads are busier than others but you are right…doc

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Lots of views of posts, but very few replies on many threads.

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Wait, what new forums? Off-site from here or did MF try to fix something?

Some may want to start posting at AMD board at Shrewd'm with the more familiar atmosphere. There was a wonderful detailed posting culture here in the past on the AMD board. For those that like this forum more than the original, definitely keep posting here though.

– Manlobbi

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Shrewd’m looks… oddly familiar :confused: Not sure how I feel about that. Not sure how the Fool would feel about the similarity either. And I worry that it would fragment what community we have.

Most here already know about as it has been running since late last year. Many of the Berkshire Hathaway board members were not wanting to use this new format and wanted the familiar interface to continue posting, and so they returned to Shrewdm, likewise the Atheist board and a few other such as Brookfield.

Shrewdm wasn’t created to fragment any community but rather have a place for the users who were definitely not posting here at all.

— Manlobbi

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I have stepped back from posting routinely. The last post I tried to do on Koduri leaving Intel would not post because of the error message “Can not post the word [Koduri’s first name]” What ever that means.

For as much tech news as there is I think very little of it is material to my investing thesis. My next decision points will most likely be in 2024. Until then I plan to continue to hold my stock in AMD.

I also recently sold my company so I am trying to transition to the new owners and figure out what version 3.0 of Mark will look like.

What I spot in the news usually shows up in the forum eventually anyhow. I’ll try to be a little more involved. :+1:

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Did you see the youtube video from Moores Law is Dead about the Zen 5 chips? Its pretty interesting with a lot of information. I can get you the link if you need it…doc

On the blocking of certain words: I had the new boards block a profanity I used once in a post – “half-a***d” – but I have no idea why it would block Koduri’s first name. Might even be a bug. Worth reporting.

But of course you’re right about the tech news vs. the investment thesis. The main reason to follow the tech news IMHO is I’ve concluded with AMD if the product is solid the rest will work, if the product isn’t solid they’re screwed and we should run for the hills, very little else matters, although of course macro factors like the pandemic, the rise of interest rates etc. affect what the stock will do in fairly dramatic ways.

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Maybe this is the reason? From


(n.) A slang term originating in the slums of India to describe a sl-ng so big that the owner rules all the land…

I did see that video and yes it was very interesting.

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Only 2 posts on the shrewdm AMD board. So why would anyone use it?

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