Seems the Loan Forgiveness Plan was totally legal

If it is totally legal why all the lying about how it wont stand up etc etc? Lying in public needs to be shamed. You would never teach your child to lie in public.

USA Today


Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett denied the request to temporarily block the program’s implementation a day after it was filed without explanation, as is often the case on the court’s emergency “shadow” docket. Barrett declined the request without referring the appeal to the full court.

I do understand it could get to the court later on. But why block it if it will go to the court to be overturned later…if it was not legally done? Just get on with getting decisions till it is overturned if it wont stand up.

But it will stand up. Desperate players saying otherwise hurt our nation.


A memo from Harvard provides for the HEROS Act 2003 giving the forgiveness a legal basis. Covid of course being a larger national emergency than 911.

People deriding this need to become more honest.

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And one day later …


Yeah they are going to kick the tires. See if the HEROS Act of 2003 is the right idea here.