Self Fulfilling Prophecy-Grocery Shortages?

There is also a difference between trivial news and good news. For example, a hurricane and its damage always gets lots of press. At the same time, last year saw the lowest number of hurricanes in the satellite era (since 1980) and the second lowest number of strong hurricanes (Cat 3+).…

Did you see that reported anywhere?

Point taken. I would only answer that the media does not do nuance well. Then again, neither do people. And the media is in the business of people and usually trying to retain some credibility for the next time. Sometimes they fail, like any enterprise.

When war breaks out the newspaper headlines are in 400 point type. There’s a reason for that, and the many and various causes of the war are, if mentioned at all, back in 12 point type on the editorial page which almost nobody reads. Is that the newspaper’s fault?

I ran a station in Boston and to get an edge we began doing lots of live reports. Not live for the sake of being live, mind you (I’ve seen plenty of that) but we would lead into each one of these legitimate stories with “and now, reporting live…” and the reporter in the field would say “This is Joe Blow, reporting live…” Was it necessary to say it twice? Even once? No, we weren’t hyping a story that shouldn’t be reported, but we were “dressing” it to make sure the listener knew it was up to the minute and not something from four hours ago.

Upthread somebody complained about the banners saying “Breaking News”, and I sometimes agree, and sometimes don’t. What they’re trying to say is “this just in…” and to update a story, but if it offends you don’t watch that newscast. Watch the BBC or PBS or NPR, which don’t do it. Otherwise the complaint is just a complaint, and you’re railing against human nature.

And thus ends my media rant for the day.

PS: Stations go all out on universal stories like weather because people tune in. But you don’t know if they’re going to tune in at 5:15, 5:26, 6:12, 6:23, or whenever. And you better believe that when people tune in because there’s a big storm coming, if you don’t have it they’ll pick up that remote and find a station that does.

Ah, my rant wasn’t over, Well, wouldn’t be the first time.



That was totally boring like the rest of us.

Thanks for coming down to earth.