Semi-OT: Hugo Award

The Hugo awards are for the best sci-fi writing each year.

The Hugo Awards have been a debacle of epic proportions for nearly a decade. Once revered as an award that heralded classic works in the science fiction genre, it’s been mired in politics since extreme leftists in publishing decided to put political agenda ahead of stories. 2023’s Hugo Awards came under fire when serial cuckold Neil Gaiman complained about his Sandman series on Netflix being disqualified under nebulous circumstances. Now, that political agenda is coming back to bite them as newly leaked emails from Chengdu Worldcon’s committee reveal the Hugo Awards team conspiring to spy on award nominees on behalf of the Chinese government to rig the awards.

Diane Lacey, a member of the Hugo Awards committee for Chengdu Worldcon, wrote a letter to “sincerely apologize to my community” after more problems with politics and rigging have come to light as this matter unfurled. In this letter, which she had posted to the left-wing hate website File770, she stated:

January 25th, 2024

Let me start by saying that I am NOT making excuses, there are no adequate excuses. I am thoroughly ashamed of my part in this debacle